Everyone feels stressed or worried at times, but what is anxiety? It’s a profound feeling of fear and distress that can’t be shaken. Anxiety can be so persistent that it disrupts daily life, with negative effects on family and friend relationships, career, education and more. What’s worse, the fears behind the anxiety may often be rooted in a perceived threat, not a real one.


On TAG TV, Mental Health Professionals Bring In-Session Wisdom to the Masses

As featured on StartUp Health Challenge At StartUp Health we’ve written at length about the macro challenges within the mental…

What’s the Difference Between a Panic Attack and Panic Disorder?

Panic attacks can be dangerous: While panic attacks are brief—lasting anywhere from five minutes to a few hours—if they increase…

Why Do Teenagers Drink Alcohol?

Why Do Teenagers Drink Alcohol? Being a teenager these days is hard, so it’s not surprising that many teens experiment…


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When Tori was in the 4th grade her parents separated and it left her questioning herself and feeling like she…

Addressing Body Image Disorder

Montana shares how bullying led to a struggle with anorexia and body dysmorphia. Hear how he found strength in a…

Learning Anxiety’s Impacts on Cognition

An overwhelming fear of the future took over Agnes as she entered college. Learn how anxiety can impact our cognition…

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