TAG is an innovation in mental health care, featuring experts who analyze the struggles of real people and give you the advice.

Our storytellers are people just like you who have struggled with a variety of mental health issues. They share their open and honest stories so that you can learn from their experiences on your path to healing.

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Yes. TAG is web-based and available on any device.

Psychoeducation is one of the most important treatment modalities in mental health care. It grounds the patient, educates on both the conditions and treatments and improves the healing process.

Oftentimes it takes days or weeks to schedule an appointment with a therapist and the feelings you were having are no longer fresh when you visit a clinician. TAG is In-Moment Therapy, always accessible and available to you in those moments when you need it most.

TAG clinicians are carefully vetted experts in their fields, having years of clinical and/or research experience, treating a wide variety of mental health conditions.

To apply to become a TAG clinician simply visit our Get Involved page.

If you’d like to share your story on TAG, we’re happy to offer you a free Lifetime Access Pass to our full library of content. Storytellers have shared that they are inspired by sharing their story and paying it forward. Simply click Get Involved to get started.

TAG is used at schools, corporations, churches, and many other organizations who wish to provide their members with mental health tools. To offer TAG simply click Get Involved to contact us and one of our team members will be in touch soon.


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