Dennis McMurray

Dennis B. McMurray

Dennis B. McMurray has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, investment advisor, and technology professional. He served as the Founder & Managing Director of Investments for Bridge Wealth Management Group, a comprehensive financial services firm dedicated to helping individuals, foundations, and corporations improve their financial health. Dennis’ financial services career spanned nearly two decades. His entrepreneurial spirit kick-in and he began his technology pivot and co-founded the mobile application 2Truths and a Lie. He was instrumental to its success by spearheading the Go-To-Market strategy along with initiating the gamification optimizations for the platform. Dennis later helped launch the technology platform VERB. VERB, a Nasdaq company is recognized as the leader in interactive video CRM. Today, Dennis is the COO of TAG and oversees operations, sales and business development.  A Southern California native, Dennis earned his B.A. at Long Beach State University, and attended graduate school at the University of Southern California. His passion for helping others has been a hallmark his entire life.

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