Dr. Tricia Doud

Dr. Tricia Doud

Dr. Tricia Doud is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been serving the Los Angeles area in a successful private practice for over a decade.

In conjunction to this work, she has served as a faculty member for extended periods at the University of California Los Angeles Neuropsychiatric Institute Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology, Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology, as well as other professional appointments at graduate level universities.

She is considered an expert in her field and has worked with some of the leading researchers, academics and clinicians at the forefront of mental health interventions and advancements (i.e. at top world renowned institutes including The Menninger Clinic/Baylor Medical Center, UCLA Biobehavioral Sciences Center, Miami Children’s Hospital).

Dr. Doud has been recognized as a National Institute of Mental Health funded Postdoctoral Scholar, an American Psychological Association Accredited Predoctoral Intern, as well as a recipient of the Harris and Infant Mental Health Certification upon completion of an elective fellowship. She has also received research awards from the Uniformed Services Health Sciences Center and was contracted to supervise and assist developing an international program funded by the Department of Defense, where she traveled the world implementing psychological resources to military members and their families.

Her work has been published in various formats, including peer reviewed articles and chapters, and she has frequently been interviewed for her expertise via news formats such as the Huffington Post, and the American Foreign Press.

Her experience providing psychological interventions covers vastly diverse populations, including those who are impoverished and lacking resources, as well as elite celebrities and professionals.

Throughout her career, her interests have remained focused on providing preventative psychological care and tools before crisis arrives. To reflect this passion early on, her dissertation (and primary research) was titled, Fostering Resilience in Inner City Youth.

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