Erik Stone

Erik Stone

Erik Stone has worked in various facets of the entertainment industry for over two decades, initially as on-air talent hosting a teen magazine show and, most recently, at the leading edge of healthcare and consumer-facing streaming video. After studying English Literature at UCLA and dipping his toe in the water as a commercial editor, Erik started his first specialty video production company in the martial arts space. He returned to traditional entertainment working in feature film development and physical production for one of Hollywood’s most prolific Producers, John Davis. While working on-set of some Hollywood’s biggest family-film franchises, on the side he was writing and producing some of the earliest and most popular video content for social media pioneer, MySpace, with frequent collaborator and TAG founder, Erik Nielsen. Erik left Davis to manage writers and directors and sell original script ideas to the studios from talent management firm, ROAR. During a writers’ strike he launched their alternative TV Department and went on to produce unscripted TV series and specials for The CW, Sony Pictures Television, Comedy Central and Fox. He joined the founding team of video streaming start-up, TV4 Entertainment, which he helped grow into an exciting production, content aggregation and distribution operation that made Fast Company’s 2019 list of “Most Innovative Companies: Film and TV.” He has produced dozens of hours of content for interest-specific streaming channels, series for outlets like Hulu and Virgin Airlines, theatrically-released feature films and a celebrated documentaries. An invitation to present to one of the world’s largest cancer clinical trial organizations about the importance of video in patient acquisition and retention became the entry point to producing and live-streaming cancer-related content. After producing award-winning pieces for hospital groups and organizations around specific diseases and patient cohorts, Erik and TV4 decided to spin out DHN (Digital Health Networks) as a leader in disease-specific streaming video channels. He’s on the Advisory Committee of USC’s Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program and SWOG Cancer Research Network’s Digital Engagement Committee.

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